First day of Kitetour Europe in Podersdorf with perfect results

The first day of Podersdorf is finished for the sports programme.
Up to 24 knots of southerly wind was the stage for a perfect  Freestyle single elimination within choppy conditions got finished completely and the winners are:

1st Alberto Rondina/ITA
2nd Michael Schitzhofer/AUT
3rd Mario Rodwald/GER
4th Stefan Spiessberger/AUT

Winner Single Elimination Female:

1st Celine Collaud/FRA
2nd Johara Sykes-Davis/UK
3rd Ike Hodits/AUT
4th Nuria Goma/ESP

In racing 44 rider where in the fleet heading up and downwind on the lake Neusiedel podersdorf Austria.
The top fleet was equipped with state of the art race board prototypes.

The racings got dominated by Dirk Hanel (Germany) Rolf van der Vlugt (Dutch) and Bjoern Rune Jensen (Denmark):

In race Nr.1 dutch Rolf van der Vlugt bet Hanel and Jensen.
Second race Hanel bet Jensen in front of Rolf van der Vlugt
Third race again Jensen bet Rolf van der Vlugt and Hanel.
"It was foto finish and the following days will be very interesting" so Markus Schwendtner Race director in Podersdorf told.  

The girls fleet was dominated by Katja Roose (Netherlands)
in the first, second and third race.