Live GPS Tracking at SEAT Kitesurf World Cup Sylt

22nd until 27th of june 2010 the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup will host the Kitesurf Tour Europe and offer live GPS tracking for the first time in kiteboarding ever.

Westerland, June 22nd: “It is a pleasure to support the professional racings of the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup with our profession to geotarget and ...

track people”, Heiko Thoelmann CEO of Presentec GmbH explains about this sensational approach in kiteboarding. The buyos of the course and top 10 rider in the racing fleet will be tracked via Sunsim water-proof mobile phones and displayed to a giant LCD screen at the beach. Vodafone SIM cards will ensure that also speed and other interesting infromations will be available on for the spectator.

The IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) will feature the broadcast. Rider and kiteboarding addicteds can follow the “fourious four” in the racings:
Leading Danish Bjoern Rune Jensen (42 years), Dutch Rolf Van der Vlugt (29 years and Dutch speed record holder with over 47 knots) and German Dirk Hanel (35 years) are giving 2009 World Champion Bruno Sroka from France a hard time to win the European Championship in kite racing while this Kitesurf Tour Europe stop.

The preregistration of the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup 2010 shows already today more than 70 rider from 16 nations coing together. A pretty sensational fact might be that there will be around 20! female rider. Despite Kristin Boese 9 times World Champion also a local Sylt rider Simone Kluge and Aya Oshima aus Anjo-shi close to Nagoja in Japan wich is a 9k travel distance to Sylt will battle for more than 30.000€ price money.