Fanatic Stand-Up Challenge Day 3 of the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup

The participants of the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup gathered yesterday together with many spectators to watch the German national-team, entering the final of the last sixteen. Right in the front of the Westerland’s beach, when the golden sunball dipped into the north sea, Özil scored and caused wild exultation. Right after this idyllic soccer coverage the kitesurfers met ...

in the American Bistro to party till sunrise.

Today the exhausted athletes has had enough time to recover. Again bright sunshine but too less wind to start another competitions. Instead of kitesurfing the athletes take up the Fanatic Stand-Up challenge.   
Wire-to-wire win for the British Steph Brige. She was the lucky one with the best start. Her compatriot Nicky Rudd has to settle for second.
The men-contest: Frenchman Bruno Sroka  and the British Callum Edge batteld it out. Nip and tuck- race – Bruno has had the best start and was able to break away, but Callum could close the gap. At the same time both athletes sprinted out of the water. Callum Edge finally reached the finishing line while diving for the win.