Freestyle Action in spite of calm

Still too less wind for any freestyle contests/ Freestyle-Kitesurfers were challenged to be creative/ among the racers Sroka (FRA) and van der Vlugt (NED) fight for gold

Since four days the freestylers had had to be patient, but today they had hoped again for enough wind to start the SEAT Kitesurf World Cup 2010. About noon the starting signal was fired. Heat 1: Stefan Permien, Jan Rogge, Jerrie van de Kop and Leonard Rose were fighting in the area in front of the judges. But the wind breaks down and the single-elimination had to be cancelled.
Despite this bad wind conditions the freestyle kites danced in Sylt’s air till afternoon.
The “Casino Westerland” had offered 500 Euro for the most spectacular freestyle trick of the day.
The Brazilian Alexander Neto snatched the prize-money by performing a pop to blind handle pass with a Wave-Board.    
Also the ladies have been creative: The Swedish Sophia Lennartsson and the British Nicky Rudd impressed with “International double kiting on a Stand Up Paddle Board” in combination with a successful surface handle pass.    

Frenchman Bruno Sroka and the Dutch Rolf van der Vlugt set some more race-action free.
Two more runs could be started. Sroka, the number one of the world won the first race and his biggest competitor Rolf van der Vlugt the second. By now Sroka still dominates the overall ranking, but he is just 0,2 points ahead of his Dutch rival. Julien Kerneur, France, confidently sits in third position.

Great day for the British Steph Bridge. She was the fastest lady of today and won both races. She is still in third position concerning the overall ranking, behind the leading Dutch Katja Roose and Caroline Adrien from France.