Swiss kiteboarding rules – at least in the womens fleet.

In time like a swiss clock the Maloja winds at noon began to blow from southerly directions with sufficient 12 to 15 knots wich is the usual force to ride the highest kiteboarding location for an event in the world. 1800 meters above sea level the Silvaplana is the scenery for a highly deserved feestyle session of the Kitesurf Tour Europe. “It is apleasure to host riders from Brasil, Japan or Poland in our location and having wind, sun and professional organization” Menduri Kasper in charge of tourism marketing Silvaplana told.

The frist freestyle heats of the men sadly prooved that Switzerland ...

on international competition level in kiteboarding is more focussed on racing. No participating Swiss rider survived the pre-elimination rounds.

Despite the performance of the male competitors the swiss amazones are the favourites for the fourth stopp of the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2010. After five stopps the European Champion in Freestyle will be eliminated.

In the Single Elimination Alberto Rondina was riding against acting German champion Mario Rodwald; The second pair was German Stefan Permien versus Belgian Christophe Tack. The Result of the Final will be communicated on Sunday with the price giving ceremony at 3 p.m.

In the women freestyle the third place was decided between German Kathrin Borgwardt and Nicky Rudd from UK. Nicky was judged to be winner of that heat. A powerful final was seen in winds powering their 10 to 13 meter kites between local Silvaplana rider Celine Collaud (26 year old) who already succeeded in Podersdorf and is leading the womens Freestyle fleet against Polish Anja Grzelinska. On her first international competition Swiss Manuela Jungo (26 year old; Düdlingen/Fribourg) was kicked out by Celine Collaud in the elimination ladder. We might see an interesting revenche in the double elimination sheduled for the upcoming days. Manuela started kiteboarding in 2005 while a stay on the Hawaiian islands. Manuela will take a break from work inSeptember for two years to train even harder and thus be a future for Swiss Freestyle kiteboarding.

The wind died after a rain shower drifting over the lake and ended the successful day for the rider of the kitesurf Tour Europe in Silvaplana.

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