Kiteboarding and the Olympic Games

Kiteboarding is just one of the latest additions to the sailing community, but it has so much to offer that it will be beneficial to Olyimpic Sailing in general.

This is why we believe that KiteRacing should be part of the Olympic Sailing Competition from 2016 onwards.


Already now the campaign is carrying a lot of momentum. Personalities such as Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson (GBR), double Olympic Medalist Michael Gebhardt (USA) and Neil Pryde (NZL), founder and managing director of one of the world's biggest players in sailboat racing as well as the top athletes of the sport like triple KiteRacing world champion Steph Bridge (GBR), 9x Kiteboarding World Champion Kristin Boese (GER), the current KiteRacing World Ranking Leader Bruno Sroka (FRA) and many more are supporting the effort with full force.

The International Olympic Committee stated at the 2009 Olympic Congress in Copenhagen that the Olympic Movement must strive to reach out to youth around the world.

Kiteboarding can be found on every beach worldwide and is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Kiteboarding is universal and has a strong following among women and youth on the highest levels. It is inexpensive to practice and enjoys a strong following as a recreational water sport.


Follow the link to watch the Episode 1 of the  Kiteboarding Olympic Campaign