2011 Shedule will be published soon

The “KTE” will develop further in 2011. We are just finalizing the shedule. Already today it is clear, that the five stages from 2010 will expand towards France (sure) and hopefully Italy, Spain and UK.

Definitely Lake Silvaplana will leave the shedule because out mission is to "bring the fashion sports Nr.1 to the European metropolitan areas". Thanks to the beautiful location hosting us in 2010!

The Kitesurf World Cup Sylt June 28th.- July 3rd. will be the a leg of the KTE also being aware that it`s a great challenge to host the world`s best Kite Racers and European Freestyle Rider in the same spot the same time. But: we will have again 6 days and 2009 there were 6 out of 6 days with winds over 15 knots.

So prepare all for the upcoming season - we will publish the shedule after the Paris Boat Show December 10th. so that we all can rest X-mas to gather the power we will need for 2011 the second year of the KTE