Capetown News from Stefan Permien

Here is a short story by Stefan Permien trip. He is currently in Capetown.

After the last exams at university in Kiel in january it was time to fly to a warm place to go kitesurfing without ice in the water. The last years i was in Spain or i had to stay in Germany for my studies. This time Capetown was the place to go!
I was in Capetown for three weeks, with a lot of wind! Almost everyday sunny and everyday warm. The most time i was out with 9qm or 7qm.
The second week we had big waves and strong winds to make kiteloops and huge jumps by using the waves as kickers. At the most spots near Capetown are strong winds and waves. Between the waves you can do Freestyle, but its difficult to learn new tricks in the strong winds. So we drove with the rental car to Langebaan and Wittsand (300 km to the east) for better wind and flat water to make some nice pictures.

Thanks to my sponsors to make this trip possible:
Spleene, TwoAg, Zhermack, VW-Nutzfahrzeuge-Kiel, NPX, Söoruz, Triggernaut, Kern-Energie, Immunstabilat.

See you on the water ;)

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