Info KTE Events

We have received some questions about the KTE events this year and we will try to make some things clear. The KTE will have 4 stops around Europe this year with more events to join in 2012. Everybody is invited register for the events but there will be a limited number of participants in the freestyle competition. We know that some of you are disappointed to not have more events this year and so are we. However, we tried hard to include events in Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the UK but due to the general financial situation, it was just not possible to carry out highly professional and first class events there. For 2012, we are optimistic to include more events into the schedule and expand the tour through Europe.


Now we are looking forward to the KTE season 2011 and we are sure that the stops in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France will be a hugh success and form as a catalyst for the development of the sport and the KTE in the following years.