KTE features KiteCross as third discipline

The new and exciting kitecross format will be included in all KTE stops as third discipline. Kitecross will be run if Freestyle and Course Racing has been already completed, and as a high-wind alternative for course racing if winds exceed 25 knots. This recognizes the new equipment limitations (one board, three kites) which will be fully in place from next season.



There will be no title nor prizemoney for the Kitecross discipline, but all events will count for the Kitecross world ranking. Kitecross is one of the possible formats for the Olympic Games and will be an exciting addition for competitors, spectators and media.


As a third discipline, there is no registration fee and all competitors registering for course racing and /or freestyle are invited to participate. The heats will be run as a pure downwind slalom course, in a “no rules” format with direct refereeing.