US-team dominates Racing World Championships

The first two days are over and the US-team led by John Heineken dominates the Racing World Championships at the German island of Sylt. After a low-wind start on tuesday and races far from shore, the wind picked up late yesterday. The green flag went up after 5pm with on-shore wind at around 20 knots and waves at 2-3 meters.


And the day started the same way the last day ended: John Heineken from the United States came in far ahead of the field. More exciting was the fight for the 2nd place between Julien Kerneur (France) and Adam Koch (USA). The two racers rode side-by-side only meters before the finish. In the end, the French took the win by only a few meters.

At the women's competition, Steph Bridge (UK) took the win of the last two races and the pressure on the overall leader Katja Roose (NED) who became second yesterday keeps growing. In third place: Nayara Licariao (BRA).

In the overall ranking men, the top 3 come from the US-team: John Heineken at first, Adam Koch second and Sky Solbach third place. The fastest European riders are Julien Kerneur at fourth, Maxime Nocher at seventh, Bruno Sroka eighth and Rolf van der Vlugt at tenth place making the top 10 six US-riders, three French guys and one flying Dutchman.

For the women's ranking, Katja Roose (NED) - two wins - is taking the lead ahead of Steph Bridge (UK) - three wins - and Nayara Licariao (BRA).

Today, the freestylers start at Sylt with wind around 25 knots. It is the start of the Kitesurf Tour Europe - the European championships in Kiteboarding Freestyle. The top riders include Seb Garat (FRA), Mario Rodwald (GER) and Stefano Martinelli (ITA).