Van de Kop and Whiteley win spectacular Kiteloop Contest

It was a heavy day here in Sylt. On-shore wind around 28 knots and 3meter waves rolled onto the beach of Westerland when the freestylers went out for a kiteloop session. Especially Jerrie van de Kop, Nils Wesch and Luke Whiteside showed spectacular jumps meters above the water.

In the end it was Jerrie van de Kop that took the win, leaving Nils Wesch at 2nd place - although both showed a performance that was simply mind-blowing. In the womens comp, Hannah Whiteley again showed how hard girls rip and defeated Double Elimination winner Ines Correia in the final. The crowd at the beach was fascinated and long aaaaaaaas and oooooooos could be heard along the promenade.


For the racers it was the first day without watertime - as one of the riders said today...everything was chiggi-laggi and the action was kang-kang!


Tomorrow is the last day here in Sylt and conditions will be slightly lighter than today, making a few more races possible before the price giving ceremony at 3pm.