Racing and Freestyle Action at KTE Italy Day 2

It was a hot day at the beach of Lamezia. The racers started with three races into the day resulting in three different winners from France. In the first race, Julien Kerneur took the win followed by Sroka and Nocher. Third placed Nocher was the fastest in the second race of today beating Dansin and Kerneur in second and thrid place. In the last race (number six overall), Sroka took his first win in Italy with Dansin and Nocher following as second and third while Kerneur did not compete. 



At 3pm, also the freestylers started into the day with wind at around 15knots. The crowd at the beach was cheering for the riders pushing them into great action at almost minimum speed. The two UK rider Luke Whiteside and Ned Taylor made it into next round as well as Garofalo, Pereira, Van de Kop and Esposito. When also the women were about to start, the wind dropped and even for the racers, the wind speed at around 7 knots was not enough to compete. 


Tonight, we will have live music at the beach and a DJ set to entertain the crowd! For tomorrow, skippers meeting is at 10am with hopefully more wind than today.