Bruno is back, Freestylers go into overtime


While nine races have been completed for the racers, the wind window for the freestylers has been rather tight. Usually the wind kicks in at around 3pm and stays for about an hour or two. Italian rider Stefano Martinelli defeated German Nils Wesch in round 4 making the crowd celebrating at the beach. There is one heat left to complete this round and forward into the quarter finals of the single elimination. Therefore, the freestylers will go into overtime tomorrow trying to finish the men's and women's single elimination of the second KTE tour stop. 

On the third day of the Kitesurf Tour Europe in Lamezia, Italy, Bruno Sroka continued his rising performance by winning two of the three races today getting closer to the overall leader Julien Kerneur. The French team - completed by Nocher and Dansin - dominate the race disciplin here in Italy. One spectator even asked if this is the French championships in racing instead of a European tour stop...


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