Interview with Luke Whiteside

He admires Liverpool football player Steven Gerrard, would like to share a room with Audrina Patridge during the Kitesurf Tour Europe and would change life with Richard Branson to fly around the world. Oh, and a board, kite and surfboard would be the three things to take on a lonely island...On our countdown to KTE France #28 we present: Luke Whiteside!

(Please complete the sentence) If I ever become European Kiteboarding Champion, I will…  

  • ...have a massive party!


(Please complete the sentence) If I had the chance to bring the KTE to any spot in Europe, this spot would be…

  • bring it to Rhosneigr on Anglesey in North Wales. The spot goes off!


Do you have any special routine/habit just before going into competition?

  • I like to go out about 10 mins before my heats and just ride around a bit and get use to the conditions.


Imagine you meet a person somewhere in the world and you have to explain to him/her what kiteboarding is all about. What would you say?

  • SnowBoarding, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and paragliding - Kiteboarding is a number of extreme sports mixed into one.


With which person would you like to switch lifes for one day? Why?

  • Richard Branson, I could fly anywhere in the world!


Who do you admire? Why?

  • Steven Gerrard as he is from my home town and has come from the bottom to the top.


Imagine you sit in a nice, hot, wooden Finish sauna. Who would be the (last) person you want to meet?

  • haha erm.. Nils Wesch


Tell us something people don’t know about you…crazy habits, events in life, whatever!

  • Im not telling you


Imagine the wind forecast says perfect conditions but when you arrive at the spot the wind has dropped and people come off the water smiling after a great session. What’s the first thing you do?

  • do a wind dance


Best event (kitesurfing, sport, music, etc) I have ever been to: 

  • Core jam, Perth Western Austrailia

Share with us the best video you have ever seen (post the link)…


Greatest person I have ever met:


  • Richard Flindall BKSA head judge!


Imagine you go on tour, who would be your room mate from the KTE circuit?

  • I would invite Audrina Patridge onto the tour and she could be my room mate!


What is your answer to the question “Is kiteboarding a dangerous sport?”

  • No if you learn with the right instruction it is very safe.


What are the three things you would take to a lonely island?

  • kite, bar and surfboard


Imagine you come late to an important meeting because the wind conditions were too nice. What’s your excuse / alibi?

  •   I was stuck in a traffic jam ;)

Lara Croft, Spiderman, Lucky Luke, Hulk Hogan or the A-Team..Who was your childhood friend?

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


What’s the headline you would like to read?

  • Big Swells and wind coming in for 2 weeks straight


What’s the headline you don’t want to read?

  • Due to global warming there will be no wind ever again

 Short answer section:

Best Food: something spicy
Nicest People: people from Thailand
Best Waves: North Point, Margs
Best Flatwater: Safety Bay
Best Friend: My brother
Best Music Group: too many
Best Movie: Anchorman
Best Ice Cream: cookies an cream
Place I want to live one day: austrailia
Last place I visited: turkey
Next place I am going to visit: France

I ride at the Kitesurf Tour Europe because… its fun!
Thanks a lot for answering this questionnaire! Looking forward to meeting you soon at the most beautiful European beaches!


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