Interview Pavla Novotná

Pavla Novotná from the Czech Republic doesn't want to switch lives with anybody, would bring the KTE to Tarifa, loves being active and admires the top-kiters on this planet...In the KTE Interview today: Pavla Novotná!

If I ever become European Kiteboarding Champion...

  • ...I will be super happy and will go for a crazy party with all the KTE people! Aaand I will try to become the European Champion one more time!

If I had the chance to bring the KTE to any spot in Europe, this spot would be

  • for sure Tarifa! Sometimes the conditions are not the best, but it´s really nice and windy place.

Do you have any special routine/habit just before going into competition?

  • Haha, I try to not to party before the competition and just before my heat I need to be really calm down of course with lots of energy.

Imagine you meet a person somewhere in the world and you have to explain to him/her what kiteboarding is all about. What would you say?

  • It´s a sport, what will take all your free time. In a while you get addicted, you meet all the amazing people on the beach, you start to live diferent life. It´s a new lifestyle and way how to live a perfect life. You should try it for sure!

With which person would you like to switch lifes for one day? Why?

  • Hm, that´s a pretty dificult question, but I want to be myself. I would´t switch life with anybody else ;)

Who do you admire? Why?

  • So much questions, who do I admire? All the top guys who are ripping on the water, that´s just amazing to watch them.

Imagine you sit in a nice, hot, wooden Finish sauna. Who would be the (last) person you want to meet?

  • Hm.. my math teacher?

Tell us something people don’t know about you…crazy habits, events in life, whatever!

  • Hm, all the time I have to do something, I am super active and I hate to be bored. I like to party, I like to have fun… and I don’t know, I won´t tell you what crazy habits I have…

 Imagine the wind forecast says perfect conditions but when you arrive at the spot the wind has dropped and people come off the water smiling after a great session. What’s the first thing you do?

  • Haha, that already happened lot of times! I quess I would just talk to the people how was it and go home with a vision of great session tomorrow!

Share with us the best video you have ever seen (post the link)…

Greatest person I have ever met:

  • I´ve met lot´s of great people! And most of them are kitesurfing.

Imagine you go on tour, who would be your room mate from the KTE circuit?

  • That´s lots of people with who I would share the room. But let´s say my crazy polish friend Hela!!!

What is your answer to the question “Is kiteboarding a dangerous sport?”

  • Not at all! I mean when you are learning you should take care and be careful, but it´s not a dangerous sport like for example skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx and so on. They have to crash so hard to land a new trick and falling to the water just doesn´t hurt that much, and you don´t brake a leg or arm normally.

What are the three things you would take to a lonely island?

  • That would be my boardbag with all the equipement, then I would take a friend to kite with and the last thing would be a camera to take amazing pictures and videos

Imagine you come late to an important meeting because the wind conditions were too nice. What’s your excuse / alibi?

  • I would just say I got stuck in my second job ;) That´s how it is.

Lara Croft, Spiderman, Lucky Luke, Hulk Hogan or the A-Team..Who was your childhood friend?

  • Spiderman for sure! No actually I was watching Donald Duck all the time, and reading WITCH all the time, they were the best with all their magic!

What’s the headline you would like to read about you?

  • PAVLA NOVOTNÁ, new freestyle world champion!!! haha

What’s the headline you don’t want to read about you?

  • A great kitesurfer PAVLA NOVOTNÁ was attacked by shark… ( that´s a nightmare)

Short answer section:

Best Food: Pizza and all kinds of salads and chocolaaate!!
Nicest People: friendly, nice, not selfish and not stubborn
Best Waves: for surfing in the south of Brazil
Best Flatwater: north of Brazil
Best Friend: my little bro
Best Music Group: I can´t tell u the best one
Best Movie: Hangover
Best Ice Cream: lemon
Place I want to live one day: windy, sunny beach
Last place I visited: school
Next place I am going to visit: my homespot


I ride at the Kitesurf Tour Europe because... I like the atmosphere, I like all the people around and it´s fun!

Thanks a lot for answering this questionnaire! Looking forward to meeting you soon at the most beautiful European beaches!