Interview with Helena Brochocka

Prior to KTE France, we met with Helena Brochocka for a little interview. Here is what the polish rider says about her best friend, the reasons to compete in the Kitesurf Tour Europe, her light saber and Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville...

(Please complete the sentence) If I ever become European Kiteboarding Champion, I will…

  • my son Optimus Prime

(Please complete the sentence) If I had the chance to bring the KTE to any spot in Europe, this spot would be…

  • ...Prasonisi beach - Greece

Do you have any special routine/habit just before going into competition?

  • I listen to some good beats on my iPod

Imagine you meet a person somewhere in the world and you have to explain to him/her what kiteboarding is all about. What would you say?

  • It's mainly about having fun ! I wouldn't get into details, waaay too much talking..

With which person would you like to switch lifes for one day? Why?

  • I wouldn't switch my life even for one day !

Imagine you sit in a nice, hot, wooden Finish sauna. Who would be the (last) person you want to meet?

  • My high school math teacher.

Tell us something people don’t know about you…crazy habits, events in life, whatever!

  • I've been training figure skating for a while.. haha didn't really work out for me

Imagine the wind forecast says perfect conditions but when you arrive at the spot the wind has dropped and people come off the water smiling after a great session. What’s the first thing you do?

  • pull out my light saber

Best event (kitesurfing, sport, music, etc) I have ever been to:

  • Coke live Music Festival 2009 in karakow

Share with us the best video you have ever seen (post the link)…


Greatest person I have ever met:

  • my mum

Imagine you go on tour, who would be your room mate from the KTE circuit?

  • regarding my incredible talent in organizing accomodation for myself, likely anybody with a free couch.

What is your answer to the question “Is kiteboarding a dangerous sport?”

  • .. not really, you just need to ba careful.

What are the three things you would take to a lonely island?

  • gps, private pilot and a private jet. I don't really like being trapped.

Imagine you come late to an important meeting because the wind conditions were too nice. What’s your excuse / alibi?

  • I was walking an old lady through a street ?

Lara Croft, Spiderman, Lucky Luke, Hulk Hogan or the A-Team..Who was your childhood friend?

  • two stupid dogs

What’s the headline you would like to read about you?

  • Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville

What’s the headline you don’t want to read about you?

  • an obituary.



Short answer section:

Best Food: chineese

Nicest People: my friends

Best Waves: haven't found them yet

Best Flatwater: barra nova - brazil

Best Friend: my Ipod

Best Music Group: Gangstarr

Best Movie: The Big fish

Best Ice Cream: vanilla

Place I want to live one day: haven't decided yet, but next to a beach for sure

Last place I visited: Barra de Cunhau - Brazil

Next place I am going to visit: Capetown


I ride at the Kitesurf Tour Europe because...yeaaah, about that… honestly no idea.. but it's fun ! ;)


Thanks a lot for answering this questionnaire! Looking forward to meeting you soon at the most beautiful European beaches!