Interview with Stefano Martinelli

Today in our KTE Interview: Italian rider Stafano Martinelli who got third at his home event in Lamezia Terme 2011. He loves the spots in Sicily, likes to see Travis Rice snowboarding, can't live without his xbox and loves the "famous Italian food": hamburgers and french fries...

(Please complete the sentence) If I ever become European Kiteboarding Champion, I will…

  • super happy with it, it’s like a dream coming true.

(Please complete the sentence) If I had the chance to bring the KTE to any spot in Europe, this spot would be…

  • ...mmm there are so many nice spots in europe, for sure in Sicily there is a super nice lagoon near Marsala, or even Greece have some super sicks spots.


Do you have any special routine/habit just before going into competition?

  • I just try to focus so much on my heat and on my triks, I have already all my heat designet in my mind.

Imagine you meet a person somewhere in the world and you have to explain to him/her what kiteboarding is all about. What would you say?

  • Kiteboarding is just a way of living, when you are not kiteboarding you are just thynking of it, hoping for wind to go for your passion, you can do so mamy thing with it, like jumping, surfing go for wake style triks that is just so a complete sport.

Who do you admire? Why?

  • My parents for sure, they just do as much as they can to give me a super life that I just admire and respect them so much.

Imagine you sit in a nice, hot, wooden Finish sauna. Who would be the (last) person you want to meet?

  • Hahah for sure it will be one of my professors in biology of hig school.

Imagine the wind forecast says perfect conditions but when you arrive at the spot the wind has dropped and people come off the water smiling after a great session. What’s the first thing you do?

  • I think I can kill somebody, it’s just a thing that makes me so angry, would just go back home and play with my xbox all the rest of the day.

Best event (kitesurfing, sport, music, etc) I have ever been to:

  • for sure the redbull kite mission In Italy, the best 9 riders in italy were invited for a competition around Sardegna, we had like 4 campers to go around and find just the best conditions possible.

Share with us the best video you have ever seen (post the link)…

  • it’s the art of flight with Travice Rice

Imagine you go on tour, who would be your room mate from the KTE circuit?

  • One of the things I love of the KTE is that the riders of the tour are all just so friendly so everyone is just a really nice person to hang out with.

What is your answer to the question “Is kiteboarding a dangerous sport?”

  • kiteboarding like all the other sports can be dangerous when you don’t use your brain, so we have just to remember that can be a dangerous sport and be carefull with it.

What are the three things you would take to a lonely island?

  • My kite equipment, my xbox and my mac.

Imagine you come late to an important meeting because the wind conditions were too nice. What’s your excuse / alibi?

  • Ahaha..I am always late in school for this, just say there was so many traffic during the way there.

Lara Croft, Spiderman, Lucky Luke, Hulk Hogan or the A-Team..Who was your childhood friend?

  • I always whatched dragonball when I was small.


Short answer section:

Best Food: hamburgers and french fries
Nicest People: all my buddies I kite with
Best Waves: for sure not in my lake
Best Flatwater: most of every lagoon in brazil
Best Friend: all my buddies I kite with
Best Music Group: don’t reallly have a favourite one, linking park, blink 182, sum 41
Best Movie: transformers
Best Ice Cream: stroberry cheese cake of hageen daz
Place I want to live one day: cape town
Last place I visited: rhodos
Next place I am going to visit: don’t have a plan still


I ride at the Kitesurf Tour Europe because…because the level is really high and makes it challenging to ride agaist the riders of the KTE, and also the partyes are sickkk

Thanks a lot for answering this questionnaire! Looking forward to meeting you soon at the most beautiful European beaches!