Interview with Seb Garat

Seb Garat is looking forward to riding at home at the KTE France. The French is one of the European top riders and has the goal to become European Champion 2011. In a close race for the title, he will especially fight German rider Mario Rodwald as well as Dutch riders Tijn van Esch and Jerrie van de Kop!

(Please complete the sentence) If I ever become European Kiteboarding Champion, I will…

  •  Be very happy, and will try to be 2x European Champion the year after.


(Please complete the sentence) If I had the chance to bring the KTE to any spot in Europe, this spot would be…

  • My home spot around Montpellier or for sure a spot in the South of France : Leucate or Hyeres.


 Do you have any special routine/habit just before going into competition?

  • Warming up my arms, shoulders, knews, ankles... Is a part of the habit. Usually I got try the spot 15-20 minutes before my first heat to check the wind. And then, the last part of the "routine" is to put Lycra. 5 minute before, I try to be alone, make my mind empty of everything exept what I will have to do in the 7 next minuts.!


Imagine you meet a person somewhere in the world and you have to explain to him/her what kiteboarding is all about. What would you say?

  •  I already do that a lot when I have to present my sport.Kiteboarding is a great addictive sport, that combine the sensations of many boardsports, depending on how you practice it. You can really chose the way you want to ride : freestyle is the most radical and bring a lot of good sensations, then waves, free ride, speed, racing, high jumps, cruising...Just do it your way. Kiteboarding is a green sport using only the wind as motor! And got some strong values of Ecology, discovery, share, meeting people, travelling...


Imagine the wind forecast says perfect conditions but when you arrive at the spot the wind has dropped and people come off the water smiling after a great session. What’s the first thing you do?

  •  I try to go for an other thing to do. If I have my wakeboard in the car, I go for a cable or boat session. Or I go for a squash, or a volley on the beach, or even running on the beach.


Best event (kitesurfing, sport, music, etc) I have ever been to:

  • Orange Freestyle Cup in Marseille with all that I like : music, parties, kite with a free competition format more axed on exhibitions.

 Share with us the best video you have ever seen (post the link)…


that's some of the current trailer I'm watching and I can't wait to see the long version movie.



Imagine you go on tour, who would be your room mate from the KTE circuit?

  •  The best room mate I could have is Tom Hebert, who's my room mate on the PKRA, we been always traveling together on the competitions, and he's a really good cooker!On the KTE, I will have to choose one good cooker. Or someone from a other country than France like this I could learn a new language :).


What is your answer to the question “Is kiteboarding a dangerous sport?” 

  •  It's not! Just be humble with the elements, and be always aware. The danger could be everywhere, but can be avoid in 99% of the time by having a bit of attention.Don't surestimate your skills! And learn all the technical stuff with someone experimented before going alone at the beach.


What are the three things you would take to a lonely island?

  • One Swiss Knife, my iPad with a 3G connection to stay connected with the world, and a Guitar.


Imagine you come late to an important meeting because the wind conditions were too nice. What’s your excuse / alibi?

  • I never plane meeting in a day it could be windy ! And even if it would happen, most of people knows that Riding is my priority.


What’s the headline you would like to read about you?

  • As soon as it's good things, I will be happy.

What’s the headline you don’t want to read about you?

  • I just don't like when people are judging me as they don't even know me.



Short answer section:

Best Food: Italian & French

Nicest People: Vanuatu

Best Waves: Outside Reef, New Caledonia

Best Flatwater: Meridien - New Cal, Coche - Venezuela, Cauipe - Brasil

Best Friend: Flo Daubos

Best Music Group: I like a lot of Music, but at the moment, I'm listening a lot of "Angus and Julia Stone"

Best Movie: "The Big Blue", Arizona Dream

Best Ice Cream: Mint - Chocolate

Place I want to live one day: Too many I want to live in…

Last place I visited: Brasil in Barra do Cunhau

Next place I am going to visit: Grosseto in Italian Toscany, where is the RRd headquarters.


I ride at the Kitesurf Tour Europe because…I like to compete and make the show. And that's a kind of way to visit Europe and discover some spots that I didn't know.



Thanks a lot for answering this questionnaire! Looking forward to meeting you soon at the most beautiful European beaches!