Skateboard Race and Relaxing at Day 4 of KTE France

Day 4 started with very light wind and small waves at the beach of St. Gilles Croix de Vie. In the afternoon, the wind increased and the racers set up their equipment to test the conditions in front of hundreds of spectators at the promenade. German racer Florian Gruber was one of the first on the water and it seemed like the wind would be sufficient to start the first race at the KTE France. While the racers pumped up their biggest kites, the freestylers gathered at the beach for an electric skateboard race.


It took some time for the riders to get used to the remote in their hand to drive the board. But then, they were unstoppable. Tough races with fights, spectacular crashes and close finishes caught the spectators attention and the challenging track made the fun race the highlight of the day. In the end Sicallac took the win against Tijn van Esch on second place. In the women division, Michalina Laskowska was the fastest beach skater. 


Nevertheless, the wind remained light at around 8 knots giving the riders on the water a hard time. With the rising tide, it was simply not possible to start a race since landing the kites at high tide is too sketchy. Therefore, the day ended with a beautiful sunset, racer Rolf van der Vlucht explaining his equipment on the Vendée stage and thousands of people walking the promenade of St. Gilles Croix de Vie. 


Tomorrow is going to be BIG! Wave forecast says 10feet waves and winds at around 12 knots - challenging conditions for course racing!