Racing and Doube Eliminations on Day 6 of KTE France

Day 6 started with beautiful sunny weather and light winds enough to start the first race of the day. French local Julien Kerneur was unstoppable and won both races ahead of Rolf van der Vlucht from the Netherlands and fellow Frenchman Maxime Nocher. In the women's division, Katja Roose dominated the races and won both competitions today. At noon, the wind increased to around 14-16 knots - the kick-off for the double eliminations in men and women freestyle. The two Austrian riders Mike Schitzhofer and Stefan Spiessberger performed a great show making their way...


...into round 5 of the doubles with KGB, 313 and different mobe variations. Besides the two Austrians, Dutch rider Jerrie van de Kop won his heats with very stylish jumps proceeding into the heat for 5th place against Schitzhofer. 


In the women division, it was local French Serin made her way all the way from her first heat of the day to the fight for 5th place against Dutch rider Annie de Jong. In her last heat of the day, Serin defeated German rider Christine Bönniger in very light but sufficient winds in the mind-blowing sunset of St. Gilles Croix de Vie. 


For tomorrow, we hope for sufficient wind to finish the doubles with a close race for the title between Seb Garat and Mario Rodwald and crown the European Champion in Freestyle as the highlight of the day!