ISAF Trials in Santander/ SPAIN

It’s a new stepstone on the way for kiteboarding to become part of the Olympic Sailing Competition and the ISAF Sailing World Cup. 18 riders from 10 nations and 4 continents demonstrated what kiteboarding is capable to do.

The European Champions Julien Kerneur and Katja Roose were there as well as the freshly crowned Asian Champion Yo Pudla Narapichit. The list is completed by a wide variety of national champions like Gunnar Biniasch. Different race formats like versions of Enduro, Slalom, Gate Courses and Short Track were run and evaluated by the ISAF Panel. The enduro courses brought some interesting insight in terms of the slalom part and the jumping part, and some of this experience will definately find its way in the final proposal. The trails are finished and the ISAF evaluation panel will now prepare their report to the midyear meeting in Stresa, Italy, beginning of May 2012. Nice impressions for the upcoming season @MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012

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