Attention! New Freestyle Rules

This year there will be a couple of changes relating to judging. As the world tour adjusted its scoring system, these changes are a part of trying to prepare national and continental competitors for other competitions.

Check the summery:

  • The judges shall write down the first 12 trick which are performed by a competitor.
  • Crashes shall be counted as an attempt and will therefore be included within the first 12 tricks.
  • Only the best 7 Tricks will be included in the judges’ scores.
  • The judges’ scores are based on the overall impression of these 7 tricks.
  • In close heats a tie shall be broken in favor of the competitor with the better execution of tricks.
  • If a competitor performs the same trick on the same tack more than once, it will only be the trick which is best executed that the judges shall score.

For further details check the following link: