Racing continued and completion of the double elimination! What a day!

Day 3 of the first MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe stop in Podersdorf, Austria, provided the MINI KTE and its competitors with little wind and down time, only heightening the anticipation for the beginning of the race and the double elimination in freestyle.

Today, wind was expected to arrive mid-day, and competitors anticipated the beginning of trials as soon as conditions permit.


For the third day in Podersdorf, racing began as hopeful competitors entered the water with big kites, the wind grew up and luckily, the conditions held, allowing one race on this day. After the sound of the horn, racers battled for perfect positioning.

In men racing, Riccardo Leccese (COL) is still on the first place in temporary overall ranking after six races. Julien Kerneur (FRA) won the last race and is still on 2nd place before Maxime Nocher (FRA) on place three.


Alice Brunacci (ITA) happily defended her first place for the women, Christine Bönninger from Germany and also competitor in Freestyle is still place two.

After the first race on this day and the fifth in overall the wind dropped up for freestyle. Racings will continue tomorrow...

Finally, once 2:30pm arrived, winds looked to be acceptably to start and to complete the double elimination competition.The best riders pitted against each other.

In the women heats, Chiara Esposito from Italy made especially strong impressions in the final heat against Michalina Laskowska from Poland. And in fact, Esposito achieved the highest score of the day and won the first round of the MINI KTE 2012 in Podersdorf. As expected, Barbara Stechauner and the german girl Sabrina Lutz also did extremely well, earning third and fourth place.

Another closely watched heat of the day took place between Stefan Spiessberger – the rising star of Austria – and Mario Rodwald, who continues after his first place in the single elimination to make strong impressions after his return from ribs surgery recovery. Mario Rodwald won this close and fantastic heat, during the sunset. Higher quality and better style were the crucial factors of winning. Congratulation to all riders !!!



Additionally, the area remains well recognized for its winds and endless party atmosphere. Tonight, we will almost finish the Surfworld Cup in Podersdorf with an awesome firework display. Stay tuned via Facebook for the latest information throughout the day and night. To view pictures, check out the daily pictures link below.


More pics you find here


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