MINI KTE 2012 - Speed3 and triple "B" on the fast lane !

Triple B - C. Bönniger, G. Biniasch and B. Bölli effect high performances on the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe. With a focus on high comfort, innovative products, passion for kitesurfing and a ray of hope for the olympic games – FLYSURFER is on the fast lane with its top 3 team riders. With SPEED3 to the MINI KTE 2012 and afterwards directly to Olympia 2016.

That's what we like! That's what we're living for! That's what the people want to see! Action and high performances...on water!


« Since many years, we focus on high performances. Our figurehead, SPEED3, is since september 2009 available on the market and still a winner kite. After the national succes in Germany and Austria, in 2012 we diverted our race local point to an international level. The five tourstops of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain) offers a perfect base for our international race team. Especially Christine is one of our highlight, she put her’s heart and soul in it, is moderate and doesn’t take off (apart from the SPEED3 !).

I hope to see two of the three at the olympic games in Rio 2016… », statement of Head of Sales and Marketing, Ernst Novak ».


We’re looking forward to see Bönniger, Bianisch and Bölli in the race competition in Sylt, already training for Olympia 2016 !!!


Register NOW for the next major event of the season, the Kitesurf World Cup Sylt, from June 26th till July 1st.

71 preregistered rider from 18 nations received already their confirmation of participation. In about 20 days the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe will continue.


And don’t forget "everyday is a kiteday" with Flysurfer Kiteboarding!

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