Katja Roose (31/ NL) will compete in Sylt!

Less then 1 week to go and Sylt will be in action.


The preparation for the Kitesurfing Worldcup Sylt are set up. The entry list with already 93 riders is online, the wind is ordered with around 28 knoets and the visitors pack their’s bags.

We’re ready to attack Sylt with action, fun and sportive competition. 


Riders from all over the world are preparing themeselves for rough conditions and spectacular moments.

The dutch kitesurfing girl Katja Roose will compete, too. She is an ultimate measure of the next kitesurfing generation for Olympia 2016.

Katja’s statement about Kitesurfing and Olympia: I still can't believe it! Nobody expected that they would vote on this matter so early. Planning was November 2012... I hoped for the world cups, but I only dreamed of the Olympics. I'm happy that the work we did in Santander in March this year, helped to show the sailing world what a great addition kitesurfing would be. We're going to a whole new level in kite boarding. Well, I'm ready for". 


The Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt will start with three different disciplines in race, slalom and freestyle. It will also be an important stop on the way to the great major event in Rio de Janeiro 2016. All riders in race have to prove themeselves.

It stays exciting…! Sylt June 26th – July 1st (Brandenburger Strand)