Windless but varied second day at the MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt

After a really and long actionful first day of competition in Sylt/ Germany, riders and spectators entered into day two, unsure of what to await. With wind measuring around 10 knots in the morning, freestyle and slalom riders were released of that day, but racers prepared 18m kites until the wind dropped down fast to an unacceptable 5 knots. 


Disappointed by the wind, competitors relaxed in the riders lounge by sucking lollipops of ChupaChups, making test runs with the MINI family and enjoying healthy lunch by McDonald’s and the pleasant atmosphere. Despite the no wind forecast, riders and crew took the opportunity to converse with friends about the hottest kiteboarding tricks and videos. It was a chilly day here in Sylt. Numerous amounts of happy and smiling people were out and checking out the fun and exciting promotion booth of various provider along the boardwalk. Even though competitors were on stand-by they spent the biggest part of the day chilling and having fun on the beach.


In the afternoon, some riders and surf impressed people pushed up with RedBull and carried out a stand up paddle contest in the Northern Sea waves. German riders like Benni Bölli, Gunnar Biniasch and Florian Gruber rocked the waves with a final victory by Freestyler and Course Racer Flo Gruber (GER).

The german team, amongst others, with Christine Bönniger, Nils Wesch and Mario Rodwald (winner of the single elimination in Freestyle) putting the heat on to the spectators with interviews and poster signing session on the MINI stage.


Tomorrow’s wind forecast is looking much the same as today, therefore the riders meeting is set for 10am with an 11am first possible start.


Get some pictures of day 2