MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt – 3rd day, waiting for the wind with varied action on the boardwalk

Today marks the third day of competition here on Sylt, Germany. Unfortunately there was no wind, therefore the day started with a big breakfast and lots of coffee in the riders lounge directly on the « Brandenburger Strand ». After the official riders party yesterday night in « american bistro » competitors and spectators were still tired and needed some encourages for passing the day... 

But even though clouds covered sky over the event site throughout the day, the beach was crowed with spectators anticipating the wind pick up in strength for some kiteboarding action.

At 11:00am race director Markus Schwendtner announced that all freestyle riders were released for the day as well as the slalom competitors. Course racers passed the day by waiting for the wind and the next announcement.

Shortly after 3:00pm the wind picked up and conditions were more favorable. All course racers prepared their big kites of 17m2 until the wind dropped down again. The decision at 4:00pm was clear with no following races on that day anymore. It was a day of waiting for the wind, something that is extremely familiar to every kitesurfer.


But it was perfect weather to run SUP races, supported by the longboard magazine "40inch" and to handle paper airplane contest during the day organised by North Kiteboarding and sponsored by MyVale (summer sandals, that are handmade from the imprint of the foot). At lunch time, the opening ceremony with all 85 riders out of 17 nations was catch up. Hundred of people were out and took the opportunity to have autograph signed and to take some photos.

The vespertine preparation for the upcoming « Kitesurf Worldcup Poker Night » and the football semi final is in full progress.

Skippers meeting is shedulded for 10:00am with a first possible start at 10:30am. Tomorrow’s wind forecast looks very promising with wind around 18-24 knots from south west. The course race, slalom and freestyle double eliminations will resume as early as possible. 


Pictures of day 3 you'll get here