Day 4 - slalom and course racing action on water

The scene was set on day four in Germany, Sylt, as spectators and riders of the MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt arrived at 10:00am to find out what’ll happen on that day. With wind measuring around 16 – 20 knots throughout the morning, slalom competitors entered the water around 11:00am. 


After two slalom races, Florian Gruber (GER) and Katja Roose (NED) snatched the current leading position with high motivation to catch the Worldchampion title in slalom in the following two days.

After lunch time, the wind dropped down smoothly and freestyler and slalom riders were released for that day. Course racers entered the 15° cold Northern Sea at 3:00pm. The racers took off at the sound of the horn, fighting for the best placement and always with regard to the upcoming Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. They battled for perfect positioning and lead spots.

Unfortunately, while race 4th began, the winds died – forcing the race director to cancel its start. After the 1st course racing day, dutch rider Rolf van der Vlugt catched leading position, followed by Tomek Janiak (POL) on second and Blazej Ozog (POL) on third. For the women, the french girl Caroline Adrien crossed the finish line at first. On place second, Katja Roose (NED) and on third Christine Bönniger (GER). Even though winds did not provide conditions suitable for racing or freestyle on this day, competitors and beachgoers still enjoyed the day.

Final race results, we’ll get tomorrow morning. 


The action on water was accompanied by action on the boardwalk. Spectators got the opportunity to try longboards on the pedestrian area and to show sporty skills by flying a trainer kite in the MINI Kitearea.

All disciplines – Freestyle, Course Race and Slalom will continue on following two days.

Overall, the fourth day here at the MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt proved to be ecxiting and full affair. The well-designed course allowed a richness of movement throughout the competition area. A racy and actionful competition day is over.

Day five looks to promise stronger wind. Skippers meeting is set up at 10:00am with a first possible start at 10:30am. In addition, the livestream on will also continue broadcast the action on water.



Slalom - Sailwave results for 2012 MINI
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Racing - Sailwave results for 2012 MINI
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Nice pictures of day 4 you'll get here