The Bridge Family is back at the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012

The future kitesurfing ray of hopes, their family life and their opinion for Olympia 2016

« Kiteboarding set for lift-off » says British world champion 2011, Stephanie Bridge (39 years).

The Bridge family team are the guys that take care of the day to day running of things. The Bridge youth team are the boys for the future – our ray of hopes ! 

Stephanie Bridge (crownded 2011 Kite Racing World Champion) and husband Eric Bridge have three boys: Ollie, Tommy, and Guy. All three of them are passionate kitesurfers. 


Ollie is the oldest of the bridge boys, has been perfecting his kitesurfing skills and will compete with his 14 years on course racings and freestyle disciplines at the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe at Brouwersdam (Netherlands). He started flying a kite at the age of five and last year he came third in the youth world championships for under 19s.


The « kamikaze kid », Tommy (11 years) polished his powerkite skills to hit the water for the upcoming freestyle competition in Netherlands. With his young age, he will be one of the youngest competitor at the tour. Tommy loves to learn from the best and he also has the opportunity to be one of the best. Tommy said one time, that he wants to be World Champion by the time he’s 12 years old. Let’s wait and see and maybe there will be a chance to crown the european title at first. 


Stephanie Bridge, ideal, mom and correspondent of BBC, will also particpate on course racings. She is fully intends to go for Rio de Janeiro despite the fact she will be 43 years. Concerning Olympia 2016, Steph said ; "I keep waking up thinking what a great thing this is, what an opportunity for the young and everyone involved all over the world. Suddenly there's a clear pathway." The 39-year-old Bridge, who will defend her world title in Sardinia in October, was part of the group from the International Kiteboarding Association who lobbied ISAF and the International Olympic Committee to consider the sport and took part in the final evaluation trials in March 2012. Britain's four-time kiteboarding world champion Steph says the Olympics should find space for both kiting and windsurfing.

« But as one door closes, another one opens ».


The Bridge family will hit the water again from August 16th until August 19th at Brouwersdam/ Netherlands – the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe goes on !