2nd day at Brouwersdam - 6 amazing racings are completed

Day two in Holland provided a little bit more wind than the day prior. With acceptable wind conditions and the race competitors ready, it was time to head into another day of racings battles on the water. Measuring 7-14 knots throughout the morning and afternoon, competitors entered the water around 10:30, more determined than ever to improve their placements and claim greater leads.


After 6 amazing races during the competition day, columbian course racer Riccardo Leccese dominated the men fleet and earned the current first place of this event. Florian Gruber (GER) and Maxime Nocher (FRA) were riding very constantly by changing placements during the races. Finally, Florian remembered pushing on the board to gain some more speed against Maxime and managed to gain second place.

In the girls division, Steph Bridge (UK) was happy to finish first again. The british power woman rode very consistently throughout the day, with a strong and powered approach .

Others such as Christine Bönniger (GER) and Katja Roose (NED) put forth their strongest efforts, holding their ground for the duration of the races and finishing second and third.

In the afternoon, the wind noticeably were not picking up for some freestyle action. Disappointed by the wind, freestyle competitors relaxed on the beach and in the meeting area to wait once more, enjoying lunch and the dutch atmosphere until official releasement at 6pm. As the day continued on, there were brief moments where it looked as if the wind might pick up – only to die back down again, clouds and sun moving in with tropical temperatures.

In total, all 6 races were completed and no freestyle heats were run, as the wind proved to be too light for such competition. Freestyle riders like Mario Rodwald, Christopher Tack, Stefan Spiessberger, Sabrina Lutz, Annelouse Lammerts and Chiara Esposito sat patiently around the rider’s area waiting for wind and talking about the new material 2013.

Tomorrow, a light breeze is expected again of up to 13 knots, so competitors will arrive to the meeting place at 10am for the day’s first meeting. Hopefully, wind will compare, too. Stay tuned via social media for all the latest updates.

All pics of the day, you can find here

Results race_day 2
Racing - Sailwave results for 2012 MINI
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