Girls - can we reach the 32?

We proudly announce, one week before the next MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe stop in La Baule/France,  the amazing number of 22 pre-registered girls for Freestyle and 21 pre-registered girls for Course Racing. 


We want 10 more girls for Freestyle! If we could achieve this aim (fill out every line in Round 1 at the Elimination Ladder for Freestyle Women) we will make history! When we can register 32 women for Freestyle until the 26. September 2012 8 pm (after registration) we will spend some bottles of Champagne to all registered female Riders to celebrate this success. 


So now it is your turn to motivate your girlfriend, best friends, sister and for sure the girls at your Homespot to take part at the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe. Only two more Events to go for the 2012 season - the perfect opportunity to get the first experiences in an international competition. 



Therese Taabbel is one of the girls who started competing at the KTE this year. She will do the next stop in La Baule/France next week as well. Here a small part of an interview we made with Therese for the Kitegirl Magazine. 


Why are you doing the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe? 


Before I went to my first European stop on Sylt, I've heard many good things about the European tour. All the good vibes and the well organized event are always in top.

I really wanted to do some international competitions, and something more challenging, and I thought, why not the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe? Here the level is really good, and all the girls really nice.


What do you like at the KTE?


Everybody here is so nice. The atmosphere is relaxed and chilled, but when the competition starts, we are all ready to do our best! The girls always stick together. We talk about new tricks, giving advice and trying to do new stuff. It’s so nice to ride with them, we are pushing each other, and when the event is over, you are always a bit better, than when you started. 

Show the guys at the beach that girls can rock the water as well! 

Show them the tough side during the day and in the evening get your attention with the perfect outfit for the beachparty. Go Kiting, enjoy yourself and watch the hotties at the beach. 


So get yourself and other girls ready and show them the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe and be a part of the challenge! We will count on you.