Come on girls – check in for the last stop @MINI KTE Spain !

Are you kitesurfing? Do you stand out in a crowd? Are you more comfortable in the air than on the ground? As one of the fastest growing sports in the world we have a responsibility to influence more women to get involved in kitesurfing. Show the Europe and the World that you are working hard paving your way. Check in and get a ticket for Barcelona's highlight at the final of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012.


Help us to make history and to achieve for the first time ever the aim of a full Elimination Ladder for Freestyle Women with 32 registered girls. If you help us to reach that aim, we will spend some bottles of Champagne to all registered female Riders to celebrate this success. 

Well, it’s really simple… there are lots of amazing girls out there doing great things, and we want to shine the spot light on you.

We want to showcase talented and inspiring girls and motivate more girls to get involved in our great sport. 


So now it is your turn to motivate your girlfriend, best friends, sister and for sure the girls at your homespot to take part at the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe. Only one event to go for the 2012 season - the perfect opportunity to get the first experiences in an international competition. 

So get yourself and other girls ready and be a part of the challenge!

We count on you.

Barcelona/ Castelldefels 1st – 4th of November 2012


Check in, NOW!


Registration from for the final in Barcelona you'll find here