Our events are strictly designed to bring kitesurfing to the people:

  • 12 teams in a standard format wich is 16 heats 
  • Formatted due to “any wind condition has the same format”
  • 3 disciplines to show everybody “what`s kitesurfing” 
  • 3 team members (old school - new school - girl) 
  • 6 rider on the water any time 
  • 10.000€ make winning the show a thrill 
  • Exclusivity by granting a maximum of 5 events p.a. 
  • Established in 2010 
  • Based on our kiteboarding event expertise since 2002 

I participated twice in team contests and it was greatest fun.

The team spirit made us push further in the discipline we enjoy.

The spectators had a nice mixture of high jumps, boardoffs and handle passes from both men and women.

Definitely a format that will make everyone happy!

Looking forward to more team events in 2015!


Toby Braeuer