Kitesurf Tour Europe Germany 2014


Event: Kitesurf Cup Sylt 


Date: 01.07. - 06.07.2014


Registration Day: 02.07.2014 


Skippersmeeting: Thursday 03.07.2014 9 am


Location: Brandenburger Strand, Westerland, Sylt 


Event website:

Event Information

The Kitesurf Tour Europe visits Sylt since 2010. Sylt has a very special reputation being “rich and beautiful”. The northern sea showed being tough with gust up to 35 knots. 

Sylt is the best known holiday destination within Germany. Also a lot of people living in Hamburg are travelling there for a weekend trip. Westerland is the main town of the island wich is connected via a car train (if travelling from south) and ferry (if travelling from north or with big caravans). The "Brandenburger Strand" is the most frequented beach on the island because it offers easy access via the "Promenade" from the town center and the pedestrian area of "Strandstrasse". The boulevard works as a huge stage for the visitors coming as close to the athletes as possible.

If "Brandenburger" goes off the northern sea asks tough sailing with tricky shore break and a sand bank about 300 meters from the shore line. The waves have a lot of power because the ocean becomes suddenly shallow before the waves hit the beach.


More than 120.000 visitors watched the action of the KTE last year. Specially the bright offer of food and drinks invites people to spend a day at the boulevard. 


Wednesday 2nd July


16:00 - 18:00 Registration Formula Racing and Freestyle (nationals only)

18:00 - 19:00 Welcome Drink and Oyster Tasting at the Riders Lounge 


Thursday 3rd July


09:00 Skippersmeeting

10:00 first possible start Formula Racing or Freestyle

18:30 Opening Ceremony

19:00 Riders Dinner


Friday 4th July


09:00 Skippersmeeting

10:00 first possible start Formula Racing or Freestyle

19:00 Riders Dinner 

22:00 Official Riders Party 


Saturday 5th July


09:00 Skippersmeeting

10:00 first possible start Formula Racing or Freestyle 

19:00 Riders Dinner

21:00 Poker Night at the Casino


Sunday 6th July


09:00 Skippersmeeting

10:00 first possible start Formula Racing or Freestyle

16:00 Prize Giving Ceremony


Travel Information

Airplane and train


You can fly directly to Westerland (GWT). We recommend to fly to Hamburg (HAM) and take the train from Hamburg Altona to Westerland/Sylt.

The train runs from Hamburg - Westerland every hour between 06:33 am and 21:33 pm. The ride takes about 3 hours. From Westerland - Hamburg the train runs every hour between 05:22 am and 20:22 pm. The ride takes about 3 hours as well. 

An other possibility is to fly to Hamburg, rent a car, drive from Hamburg to Niebüll and take the DB Sylt Shuttle (shuttle via train only for cars) to the island. The shuttle runs Mondays - Thursdays from Niebüll to Westerland from 05:05 am - 22:05 pm every hour. Westerland - Niebüll Sundays from 06:00 am - 21:00 pm every hour and Mondays from 05:30 am - 21:00 pm every hour as well. For this shuttle we can provide a discount for the rider. 

Train Hamburg-Sylt Public Transport
This is the timetable for the "Nord-Ostsee-Bahn" from Hamburg - Westerland and Westerland - Hamburg. The train ride will take about 3 hours. Please note this is not the car-train service.
Adobe Acrobat Document [826.3 KB]

To all competitors, exhibitors and partner we will provide, as every year, discount codes for the train running from Niebüll to Westerland. This train will only carry your trucks and cars (including passengers in the car) to the island. As soon as we have received the codes from DB Autozug we will get in contact with you immediatley. 


Do early bookings – Sylt is a quite expensive island and during the summer most of the time fully booked. If you look for accomdation please use only the city "Westerland" - for all other locations on that island you need to rent a car to drive to the event side.


Wind and weather

The water temperature can vary between 12° and 18° Celsius. The air temperature will be from 12-25 degree Celsius. Please expect side to side onshore conditions from N-NW and S-SW Winds: 3-8 Bft.


Event website

The local event website will be only in German language. You will find all relevant information on our website.