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07.03.2012 MINI brings a fresh blast to the season’s opener.
Title partnership with Kitesurf Tour Europe to launch in May 2012 at Podersdorf on Lake Neusiedl, Austria.
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20.04.2012 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe supported by Chupa Chups click here...
06.05.2012 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe succeeded in Podersdorf click here
12.06.2012 MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt coming soon click here
01.07.2012 MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt 2012 great finals click here
07.08.2012 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe in preparation for its halftime - Brouwersdam click here
                                  19.08.2012 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe finished a great race event at Brouwersdam

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13.09.2012 Full run on the upcoming tour stop in France

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30.09.2012 MINI KTE 2012 crowned European Champion in Course Racings click here
04.11.2012 MINI KTE 2012 crowned European Champions in Freestyle click here
02.06.2013 MINI KTE 2013 conquered south of France - 1st tour stop in Almanarre click here

Watch this french video that features the roots of kiteboarding.
It’s a classic.