The Surf Worldcup 2015 will take place again on the already traditional date, the last weekend of April (24th of April till the 3th of May 2015), at the Neusiedler See in Podersdorf. A big part of this event is going to be the first “ Global Kite Team Series 2015” 

Global Kite Team Series (Men & Women) from 24th to 26th April 2015

At this event the teams (each team consists of 3 team members: 2 men and 1 woman) have the chance to prove their skills in the following disciplines: Old School and New School Freestyle. Tricks like Dead Man, Board Offs, Spins and Rotations are possible again and even demand of during the competition. The world best kitesurfers will inspire the guests and an average of 100.000 visitors turns this event to one of the biggest kitesurf events in Austria. 

Hard Facts:

  • Prize money = 10.000€ and the winner team takes it all
  • 400 million media contacts in print and online media, TV and radio during the year offers the best platform for presenting your brand
  • NO entry fee for the team
  • NEW: Promotion area for the partner / sponsors / team

There are only 12 teams, who can take part at this important world kiteboarding competition in Austria, which is also one of the top European kitesurf events in the year 2015!

For further details about the Global Kite Team Series (Men & Women) 2015 and the competition format see the attached file.

If you still have questions, you may contact Mario Lach via phone or mail at any time.


Mario Lach

Email: mario.lach@kgp-events.at

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